Duration: 8 weeks (The week of October 7th – The week of December 2nd)

League Fee:  $80/team – goes directly to prize fund

Team Size: 2 players – Best shot (scramble)

Tuesday Nights will be “League Night” in which there will be drink specials! Priority tee times will be fiven to league participants on a first come first serve basis from 4pm-9pm.  You must book your tee time online, or by calling Inside Golf at 515-715-1602.

Weekly Cost: Rounds must be played Monday-Thursday for discount pricing.  Price will be $16/person ($32/team).  If played Friday-Sunday the price will be the standard public rate of $20/person ($40/team).

Each team has ONE hour to complete their weekly nine hole round.

  • If two teams want to play together, they will be allotted a 2-hour time limit.
  • Typical pace of play for simulator golf is 9 holes in 30 minutes per player, so the 2-hour time limit should not be an issue.
  • Each hole not finished in the allotted time will result in a double bogey.


  • 9 holes, 2-player best shot
  • Two mulligans per team.  Either player can use the mulligans.
  • After week three, the field will be divided into divisions based on scores from the first three weeks.  (Size and number of divisions depends on the number of teams in the league.)  Your team will stay in your assigned division for the remainder of the season.  There will be men’s, ladies, senior, junior and couples flights available!
  • Putting will be based on a 10-foot “gimme” range.
  • Course schedule will be predetermined at the beginning of the season
  • Teams can play individually but playing with another team is encouraged.
  • If a team knows they are going to miss a week, they are expected to play ahead to make up for the round they will miss.
  • Falling more than 2 weeks behind may result in removal from the league without a refund.
  • Payouts are determined by the number of teams in the league.

Questions?  Contact leagues@insidegolfames.com